Food and drink are on offer in our in-house cafe and pub The Globe with an outdoor seating area in our courtyard.

Here you find check-in, information about attractions, events, the chance to meet other guests and the Locals.

Opening Times

November - April


April - November



Breakfast is served every day between 08:00-12:00h during highseason and between 09:00-12:00 during low season.

Sunday to friday we offer a small continental buffet which includes: rolls, butter, jam, chocolate spread, honey, fruit, yogurt, cream cheese, different types of cereals aswell as coffee, tea or hot chocolate for 5,00€ per person.

Saturdays we offer the big continental buffet which includes :rolls, cake, butter, jam, chocolate spread, honey, fruit, yogurt, cream cheese, cold cuts, boiled eggs and different types of cereals aswell as coffee, tea or hot chocolate for 5,00€ per person.for 7€ per person.

If you are not hungry enough we sell of course single stuff like bowls of cereals or croissants.

P.S Our coffee is black and strong and brings you back to life. ;)

Ham/Cheese 2,50€
Salami/cheese 2,50€
Cheese/Tomato 2,50€
Mozzarella/Tomato 3,00€
Turkeybreast/Cheese 3,00€
Please take a look at the blackboard for the some of the home-made cakes on offer. 1 - 2,50€
Nachos with cheese and salsa 4,00€
Coffee varieties
Breakfast coffee/tea (bis 12 Uhr) 1,50€
American 1,80€
Espresso 1,70€
Double Espresso 2,50€
Cappuccino 2,50€
Milk coffee/Latte Macchiato 2,80€
Also available with soy milk and decaf
Other hot drinks
Chai Latte 2,80€
Caro 2,00€
Heisser Kakao 1,50€
Hot Chocolate 2,00€
Apple Juice 0,33l 1,50€
Orange Juice 0,33l 1,50€
Juice soft drinks
Apfelschorle 0,33l 2,50€
Rharbarberschorle 0,33l 2,50€
Soft drinks
Fritz Kola 0,33l 2,50€
Fritz Limo 0,33l 2,50€
Coca Cola, Fanta,
Sprite, Mezzo Mix
Red Bull 0,25l 3,00€
Viva con Agua 0,33l (sparkling or still) 1,50€
Astra Urtyp 0,33l 2,00€
Jever 0,33l 2,50€
Franziskaner 0,5l 3,00€
Whitewine 0,25l 3,00€
Redwine 0,25l 4,00€
Mixed Drinks
Jacky/Coke 5,50€
Wodka/Red Bull 6,50€
Rum/Cola with Havana or Captain Morgan 5,50€
Helbing Kümmel 2cl 1,50€
Sambuca 2cl 2,00€
Jägermeister 2cl 2,00€
Pfeffi 2cl 1,00€
Mexikaner 2cl (Mini Bloody Mary with Chili) 1,00€

Hamburgs Craftbeer scene is growing. After Berlin Hamburg hosts the most Microbreweries of the new brewing styles. First of all there is Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder by Oliver Wesseloh. Ollis SHIPA Series are always high Quality IPA's with changing hops and flavours. We are aswell big supporters of Buddelship Beer from Simon Siemsglüss. From Pilsner to Baltic Porter Simon brews high quality beer just a few miles away. We are always searching for new regional handcrafted beers and offer seasonal stuff aswell as collab brews. Check our fridge and find out.

We are proud to be a station on the Hamburger Biertour. For more details click:

Kreativbrauerei Kehrwieder

PROTOTYP (Lager, draft), bottled beer: SHIPA (IPA), Frischer Traum (Wet Hop Pale Ale), Hamburger Rot (Rotbier),
Phoenix (Pale Ale), Elbe (Gose),ü.N.N. über Normal Null (IPA - alcohol free)


bottled beer: Mitschnagger(Pilsner), Great Escape (IPA), Kohlentrimmer (Schwarzbier), Gotland 1394 (Baltic Porter)

Ratsherrn Brauerei

Ratsherrn (Pils, draft) bottled beer: Matrosenschluck (IPA)

Kehrwieder, Blockbräu, Joh. Albrecht, Gröninger, Ratsherrn (Hamburg)

Senatsbock (Bock)